November 18, 2014
Categories: Shelter Medicine, Adoption

Can FIV+ and FIV- kitties find true love together? You bet!

When Milo the Kitten came into our adoption program, he had a lot going for him. From good looks to charm, from playfulness to friendliness, he had it all. He also had a positive FIV test, although he was (and is) in great health.

Milo quickly took over the Maddie’s Fund® office, ensuring all laptops were set to the highest possible volume and all those pesky emails were deleted.

Milo typing copy

He also did a turn as our receptionist, demonstrating that a friendly attitude and adorableness are more important than opposable thumbs any day.

Milo receptionist

We were on the lookout for a great home that wouldn’t worry about his FIV status — after all, most FIV+ cats live long, healthy lives.

Finally, Milo was adopted!


Milo loved his new career as a household manager, but something seemed missing in his life. He loved his new family, but there was a little void.

And then came Natasha, an FIV-negative kitty adopted from Valley Humane Society. And now Milo’s life is perfect!


The moral of the story is this: For FIV+ shelter cats, there can truly be a happily ever after, as long as adopters remember that these cats are just as loving, beautiful and even as healthy as other cats – and don’t pose a risk of transmission to their FIV- housemates!