April 29, 2015
Categories: Webcasts

MFAdoptionKidsDogBecause people in animal welfare often see terrible things befall pets, and because of genuine concern for the animals, we’ve sometimes gone overboard in terms of regulating, requiring, constraining, screening and even getting in the way of successful adoptions.

After all, even a home that’s good instead of perfect will be better for pets than an animal shelter. A growing body of research is suggesting adoptions done with less intrusive methods of pet-adopter matchmaking are just as effective as, and even more successful than, those with lots of hoops to jump through.

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at 9 PM Eastern Time, presenters from one private and one municipal shelter in Yolo County, CA, will join Maddie’s Institute® to share their community’s experience with Removing Barriers to Adoption: How Evidence, Innovation and Compassion Grow Pet Adoptions. This presentation itself will last around 20 minutes, with 40-45 minutes devoted to answering your questions.

This webcast is the fifth in a five-part series on the key initiatives of the Million Cat Challenge. Its focus will be on providing information to implement successful strategies that result in lasing, loving adoptions at a greater rate than results from more restrictive approaches.

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