October 1, 2015
Categories: Social Media

You can give your shelter or rescue group’s Facebook posts a big jump-start on reach and engagement by posting the first comment yourself. And yes, you can even do that on scheduled posts!

Facebook’s algorithm analyzes activity on every Facebook post, and uses that activity to increase or decrease the number of your followers they’ll show the post to.  By posting the first comment on every post you make to your page, you signal to Facebook there’s activity on the post, you’re signaling there’s activity on the post, which will trigger increased reach. It will also encourage others to get involved with the post, because people are more likely to comment on posts that already have discussion going on.

It’s easy to see how you can be the first commenter on posts made in real time. Just publish your message, then make the first comment. Perhaps you ask a question, or add some context, or add an additional photo of a featured pet. But what about pre-scheduled posts?

That’s almost as easy! Here’s how:

1. Create and schedule your post.

2. Go to the “Scheduled Posts” section of your page by clicking on “Publishing Tools” at the top of the page.

3. Click on the individual scheduled post.

4. Click on it again when it opens.

5. It will now open up very much like a live post. Simply comment on it.

6. Close it down, and you’re done! The comment will go live with the post, and you’ll get a little early boost on post activity and reach.