December 30, 2015
Categories: Adoption, Foster Programs

What do Popeye, Cosmo Kramer, Rocky and Yoda all have in common? Yes, they’re all famous movie and TV characters, but that’s not all. They’re also pets who left a footprint on the hearts of their fosters. In the spirit of #FalalaFoster, we’re sharing some of our favorite foster flashbacks.

Kramer. Sara Radak and her husband had fostered around 20 dogs before Cosmo Kramer, a Rottweiler mix who was not doing well in the shelter, came into their home as a foster dog. He’d been pulled from a shelter by the rescue group they fostered for on the very day he was scheduled to be euthanized. Here’s what Sara had to say about the experience:

We just couldn’t get over how relaxed he was in our home. One of my favorite memories is when I pet him he’d immediately roll over onto his back to sneak a belly rub. You could just tell he was so grateful for the love.

Radak is proud to share that Kramer permanently joined their family, and they continue to foster to this day!

Popeye. This adorable, black and white, 2-month-old kitten was recovering from eye removal surgery. Appropriately named, he had strength and fighting spirit to spare. Amber Freiwald recalls one of her favorite memories while fostering him:

As I was drifting in and out of sleep one morning, he placed his favorite toy ball in my hand. I threw the ball across the room in an attempt to appease him. But lo and behold, seconds later the ball was in my hand again, and again and again. My favorite moment with this one-eyed sweetie was when I realized he was a cat who loved fetch!


Rocky. This gentle velveteen type Great Dane who not only left an impression on his foster family, but also their neighborhood! Sharon Fletcher said:

My neighbors loved him! And because of his elegant, albeit, goofy nature, they renamed him Duke. They even began discussing who in the neighborhood would be his ideal adopter because they didn’t want him to leave.

Rocky was a terrific example to my neighbors and my family about how fostering helped not only the dog, but also our neighborhood bond.


Yoda. Brittany’s story began with Yoda’s photo showing up in her email one day. He was a Husky mix with a ton of energy who was also not doing well in the shelter:

He may look intimidating, but he’s really just a big, affectionate teddy bear! I’ll never forget the way he jumped on our couch and to snuggle with my husband. It was also sweet to see him play with our Husky rescue, Rocco. It was like they were long lost brothers. We knew we couldn’t let him go.

Their foster turned into a forever, and they couldn’t be more grateful!


No doubt, one of the many joys of fostering are the lasting memories. To experience the joy for yourself, check your local shelter or rescue for fostering opportunities!

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