December 2, 2015
Categories: Foster Programs, Staff and Volunteers

Do you want to bring home some magic this holiday season? Want to experience the joy you remember from your childhood — and save a pet’s life at the same time? Here’s how: Foster a homeless pet!

Fostering doesn’t just give pets a place to lay their heads. Spending time in a home, with a human or family of their own, sets them up for success and happiness in their future adoptive home. A dog or cat also tends to be more relaxed in a home environment, which gives you a chance to learn about his or her personality – key for potential adopters. All the while, you feel pretty darn amazing about giving the pet a second chance at life without the long-term commitment.

Pets need foster homes for a lot of reasons, even if it’s just for the holiday season. Some are very stressed in the shelter, and need a break. Sometimes the shelter is full, and needs some short-term excess capacity, particularly since boarding kennels are usually booked up during the holidays.

What’s more, it’s a good deed without a price tag! From food and supplies to on-call support, most programs provide you with everything you need. As an added bonus, you have a furry companion to snuggle with, walk with, and most importantly, to help you fully enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Find out more about the joys of fostering, and how you can bring the magic home during the month of December as we celebrate the Season of FalalaFoster, here!

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