February 24, 2016
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Is reality TV entertaining? How about addicting? Most people would say yes to both. But while this might explain the popularity of ‘The Bachelor,’ we think something else entirely is going on when it comes to the MaddieCam Network!

The MaddieCam Network is your go-to destination for watching cute pets and fun activities at shelters and rescue groups all across the country. But it isn’t just another guilty pleasure. Behind all the cuteness and fun is an innovative marketing tool for shelters and rescue organizations. And unlike real reality TV, there’s no drama and no losers!

The network only launched a few months ago and continues to grow rapidly, spotlighting organizations doing wonderful, lifesaving work. More and more organizations continue to join the network, most recently PAWS Chicago, where the euthanasia rate has decreased 77 percent since they opened 17 years ago. Another new network member is Austin Pets Alive!, currently celebrating its fifth anniversary as the driving force behind America’s largest no-kill city this month.

Besides being an endless source of entertainment for the public, below are five ways the MaddieCam serves as a sneaky lifesaving multi-tasker — and tips on how you might use a webcam at your organization:

  1. Showcase available pets. This is the most obvious reason, of course. There’s something about seeing a pet in action that helps potential adopters get to know them better. Have a hard luck hound who’s been with you for a while? Put the camera on him! Heck, give him his own show! Give him a cute celebrity name, promote it on social and get him in front of more people.
  2. Promote events. Do you host adoption events? Make sure the camera is invited! Allow people who might not be able to make it to the event to virtually attend. Whether they’re considering a new pet, live out of town or are just curious to see what one is like – they won’t miss out. Promote it on social media and have people share. You never know who someone might fall in love with through the camera. (It happens to Channing Tatum all the time!) Include links to your available pets page so people can learn more about a pet they see.
  3. Attract more volunteers. A webcam channel can be a great way to show potential volunteers what it’s like to volunteer with your organization. Give the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful organization they can be a part of. Bonus: When you host fun “shows,” you can attract volunteers from yoga instructors to photographers to an adorable elderly couple who wants to do their part by reading to cats. (Check them out on the Fearless Kitty Rescue Channel every Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time).
  4. Increase social following and reach. Addictive TV is nothing if people don’t know about it, so be sure to promote it on your social channels. Expand your reach by promoting different events, both in advance and as they’re happening. It’s an easy way to grow and make more fans!
  5. Get more donations. Transparency can have a profound affect when seeking donors. When they’re able to tune in to see the amazing work you’re doing first-hand, they’ll be more likely to want to help.

Whew, who new a little camera could be so powerful?

So tune into the MaddieCam to see lifesaving work in action, and be inspired!

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