March 30, 2016
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‘No Kill. No Harm. No More.’ That’s the bold mission of our newest addition to the MaddieCam Network, Charleston Animal Society. It should come as no surprise, being that they’re one of the first no-kill communities in the southeast, and recognized as a national model in animal sheltering. One of the main goals of the MaddieCam is to highlight the innovating lifesaving work that others are doing, and they fit the bill perfectly.

Charleston Animal Society put a stake in the sand in 2012 when they created No Kill Charleston, a three-year initiative to achieve no-kill status. To their delight, they became no-kill in the very first year.

“It was something I thought I would never see in my lifetime, nor my daughter’s,” says Kay Hyman, Director of Community and Engagement. That’s based on the state of the organization when she arrived at the organization years ago.

While this was a monumental (and almost unbelievable) accomplishment, they didn’t stop there. They knew there was more to be done. That’s when ‘No Kill. No Harm. No More.’ was conceived.

Aiming to inspire the public to get involved, fight animal cruelty, and help deserving families keep their pets, they avidly share 10 Strategies to help educate communities around the state. They envision a community where cruelty to animals and humans is not tolerated.

One other way you might know them? By a little celebrity dog named Caitlyn, who made national news last year in an animal cruelty case where her muzzle was taped shut with electrical-tape for over 30 hours. Thanks to Charleston Animal Society, Caitlyn received life-saving surgery and has made a full recovery. She’s now the face of hope and resilience in abuse survivors, named “Best Survival Story of 2015” by People Magazine. Hyman, along with the rest of America, is thrilled at her recovery. She wants people to know “there are plenty of more Caitlyn’s waiting for loving homes.”

P.S. We’re told that Caitlyn visits the office often, so you just might see her on the #MaddieCam!

You can catch Charleston Animal Society streaming live, 24/7, on the MaddieCam.

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