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Spring is already here in some parts of the country, and knocking on the door of the rest. To those of us in the sheltering world, that doesn’t mean spring flowers or spring showers… it means kitten season.

Maddie’s Institute® is here to help with this list of kitten season resources!

Orphaned Kitten Care How-To Videos

Examining an Orphaned Kitten

Bottle Feeding an Orphaned Kitten

Stimulating an Orphaned Kitten to Urinate and Defecate

Bathing an Orphaned Kitten

Weaning Orphaned Kittens onto Solid Foods

Giving Orphaned Kittens Probiotics

Orphaned Kitten Care Video Transcripts

Practical Tips and Resources

Caring for Orphaned Kittens: A How-to Guide for Shelters

Kitten Feeding Chart and Stomach Capacity Table

Kitten Temperature Chart

Orphaned Kitten Feeding Issues

Emergency Milk Replacer Recipe

Daily Weight and Feeding Record

What shelters and rescue groups need to know before examining a neonatal puppy or kitten

Shelters Embrace New Model for Saving Orphaned Kittens

From Helpless Newborn to Skilled Acrobat: Feline Development and the Orphaned Kitten

Physical and Behavioral Development of Kittens for the First Six Weeks of Life (Infographic)

No-Mess Kitten Bottle Feeding

How Shelters Cat Get Community Members to Help Save More Kittens

Do Kittens Grow Out of Ringworm?

Socializing Kittens: Dr. Sophia YinDr. Susan Krebsbach

Maximizing Effectiveness When Vaccinating Shelter Kittens

Austin Pets Alive! Kitten Nursery Health Protocols

Sonoma Humane Society Foster Kitten Handbook


Orphaned Kittens: How Saving the Tiniest Lives has the Biggest Impact: Archived presentationTranscriptQ&A

Critical Care of the Sick Neonatal Kitten: Archived presentationTranscriptQ&A

Conference Recordings

How to Start and Grow a Large Bottle Baby Program in Your Community, Part 1

How to Start and Grow a Large Bottle Baby Program in Your Community, Part 2

Saving More Kittens with Kitten University: PresentationTranscript

Saving Neonatal Kittens

Just for Fun

Slideshow: Happy Endings for Orphaned Kittens!

A Day in the Life of a Kitten Nursery

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