April 14, 2016
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media, Adoption

Can Star Wars characters help get pets adopted? In a land far, far away they can – and do! On April 16, in Kansas City, MO, the newest MaddieCam Network member, KC Pet Project, will celebrate its Third Annual Star Wars Day.

No, this isn’t just a really early “May the 4th Be With You” celebration. This is a day devoted to just one thing: getting pets adopted with the power of the Force! And this year for the first time, you can be a witness to the happy adoptions as they happen — we promise, it’s out of this world!

“We are thrilled to be broadcasting this event live on MaddieCam to share the fun with the rest of the country,” said Tori Fugate, marketing and development director for KC Pet Project. “We love this event just as much as the kids do. It’s just one example of the more out-of-the-box things we try to do to help find every pet a loving home.”

In fact, that’s the kind of creative thinking that landed them on the MaddieCam Network in the first place. “We’re big fans of off-the-wall ideas,” Fugate said. “We try and partner with unusual organizations, and it’s been really successful for us.”

They’ve already teamed up with local breweries, dressed up dogs in t-shirts from a popular local t-shirt company, and gotten the alternative rock radio station DJ to talk about his adopted dog (from KC Pet Project) on-air.

You can catch KC Pet Project’s Star Wars Day live on the Maddiecam on Saturday April 16 from 11 AM-3 PM Eastern!