May 26, 2016
Categories: Social Media

Have you ever tried to manage your shelter or rescue group’s Facebook page via your smartphone and find yourself frustrated that you couldn’t do what you needed to do? With Facebook’s Pages management app, you can — or at least, mostly.

The free app is available for both iPhone and Android, and gives you most of the functionality you’re used to on the desktop, with some limitations.

Here’s what it allows managers to do:

  • Create and schedule all types of posts, with some limitations on advanced photo sharing functionality
  • Livestream to your followers
  • Re-schedule posts
  • Edit posts, both from the staging area and after they’re live
  • Boost posts
  • Save drafts
  • Take drafts live
  • Respond to comments in the page
  • Ban users
  • Delete comments
  • Edit your page’s description, cover photo, and profile image
  • Manage page roles (although to a lesser extent than on desktop)
  • Search for all photos and videos posted by page
  • Create, manage, or search for events
  • View new page likes and visit profiles of those who liked the page recently
  • View all recent mentions, shares, and likes
  • Manage instant replies and auto-responders
  • View and respond to messages to page
  • View basic page analytics for the past week
  • View page notifications
  • View posts made by visitors to the page
  • Share posts between pages you manage

What it doesn’t let you do (yet):

  • Hide comments (you have to delete them)
  • Fully manage page roles or the page profile
  • Fully utilize all photo sharing functionality
  • Search the page for posts
  • Take a post from drafts to scheduled
  • Post to the page as another page you manage or as yourself

The Pages app is a great tool to use while traveling, while at conferences, or during events, particularly since you can now livestream to your page. It can be used by multiple managers, too, making it a perfect tool for keeping an eye on the page over the weekend, on vacation, or in the evening, without having to be chained to a computer.

You can download the Pages app in the App Store or on Google Play.

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