June 21, 2016
Categories: Organizational Management, Staff and Volunteers

What happens when you mix a giant name in cat welfare and two leaders in sheltering and adoption? You get incredible resources like Alley Cat Allies‘ guide to fostering cats and kittens, written with Bonney Brown and Diane Blankenburg of Humane Network, who while at the Nevada Humane Society led a successful program that provided foster care for more than 2,500 animals a year in a community of 418,000 individuals.

The guide is in the form of a toolkit, designed to lead animal organizations through each element they need to implement to run a successful cat and kitten fostering program, including:

• Goal Setting
• Understanding the scope of the need through statistics and information-gathering
• Creating inspiring goals and a timeline for your program
• Defining policies
• Record-keeping, tracking animals and managing statistics
• Developing a communication and program structure
• Identifying leaders and coordinators
• Establishing a communications system
• Logistics, managing the flow of animals
• Funding your foster care program
• Volunteers
• Marketing to recruit volunteers
• Training volunteers
• Retaining volunteers

This document is available for free from Alley Cat Allies. Download it now!

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