June 28, 2016
Categories: Adoption, Policies and Procedures

Are ‘Adopters Welcome’ at your shelter or rescue group? If not, a new DIY action plan can help you get on board with this revolutionary adoption philosophy. Even if they already are, this resource can help you kick it up a notch!

The Humane Society of the United States created Adopters Welcome not only to help animal organizations do a better, more creative job of finding homes for pets, but to get the entire animal welfare world to examine our assumptions, embrace our communities, and get more pets successfully adopted.

They’ve created both a manual and a series of webinars supporting the program, and have just launched a do-it-yourself action plan designed to help shelters and rescue groups transition to a new way of doing adoptions.

It’s available free, including both policy and procedures checklists, on the Animal Sheltering website. Get it today, and see your adoptions — and community relations! — go through the roof!