July 13, 2016
Categories: Shelter Medicine

Parvo is an often-fatal disease that affects dogs in shelter and community alike. And when Maddie’s Fund® put out a call for applicants for a community parvo treatment apprenticeship program, we were flooded with responses from all over the U.S.

Out of the thirty-four people who applied for the program, eight were selected to attend a week-long, hands-on session with Dr. Jeffery Stupine of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“The Pennsylvania SPCA and our veterinary staff could not be more thrilled to welcome shelter veterinarians, nurses, and students from around the country to participate in our Parvovirus Clinic and contribute to saving the lives of many who would otherwise succumb to disease,” said Dr. Stupine. “Through the support of Maddie’s Fund, not only can we save the lives of animals here in Pennsylvania, but coupled with the apprenticeship program, shelter staffers who visit can take these innovative practices home with them to save even more lives!”

The program focuses on the treatment of affected pets that minimizes the risk of infection to other dogs in the community and in the shelter environment. The overwhelming response demonstrates how desperately shelters and shelter veterinarians want resources to offer the underserved and low-income members of their communities.

Dr. Laurie Peek of the Maddie’s Fund Executive Leadership Team explained why the program is so crucial for lifesaving. “This kind of hands-on learning is much needed in our industry,” she said “Parvo is a terrible disease, which causes suffering and death in dogs in shelters as well as the community. We’re very excited to be supporting a partnership that can spread innovative approaches to preventing and treating it to areas throughout the country.”

The apprenticeship program is currently in session and will run through the end of July. Stay tuned for updates!

To learn more about Dr. Stupine and the program, you can view the webcast Outpatient Parvo Treatment for Dogs.