August 11, 2016
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media

Looking for some Fall adoption promotion ideas?

Back to school season can be hectic even if you don’t have kids — as anyone who’s ever tried to get their shopping cart down the school supplies aisle at the local supermarket in August can attest. And it can also leave the house just a little too quiet for some families. If your pool of potential adopters is made up of helicopter moms and dads, or parents who think the best part of childhood is unscheduled time, here are some ideas for humorous “to-do lists” to add to graphics, share on social media, or even run as an ad for all the great reasons to add a pet to the family. Feel free to steal, adapt, and share — we even have a couple of bonus ideas for football lovers!

A Busy Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Get car tuned up for car pool duty.
  2. Search Internet for best school supply prices.
  3. Bring all outgrown school clothes from last year to thrift store.
  4. Cash in 401-K to afford all new school clothes.
  5. Adopt a cat to wake kids up early every morning so they get to school on time.

A Sports-Crazy Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Try to understand how your tiny, adorable little boy turned into a prospective offensive lineman.
  2. Stare in disbelief at the mark on the wall that shows your basketball-star daughter is taller than you.
  3. Clear out some serious shelf space in the family room for future athletic trophies.
  4. Invest in a new down jacket for watching high school football games.
  5. Adopt a dog, because who could be better at teaching your child to want the ball more than anything?

A Fitness-Freak Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Join a gym to train for the back-to-school sales sprint.
  2. Use Stairmaster to get in shape for multiple trips up and down stairs at home for forgotten sweaters, backpacks, and homework.
  3. Cry when you get on scale and see what vacation fast food has done to your weight loss goals.
  4. Adopt a dog, because people with dogs get one hour more exercise each day than people who don’t.

An Over-Committed Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Re-organize home office to turn it into a homework center for the kids.
  2. Wear out knees on mom/dad jeans trying to get spilled grape juice out of car upholstery before it’s your turn to car pool.
  3. Spend hours on Mapquest trying to figure out how to get your son to gymnastics and your daughter to volleyball practice in two different parts of town at the same time.
  4. Adopt a pet, because petting a cat or dog has been proven to lower blood pressure.

A Stressed-Out Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Take deep, cleansing breath before getting out the kids’ school clothes from last year.
  2. Cry when you realize everything is soiled, ripped, or has missing buttons.
  3. Stay up all night comparison-shopping new school clothes.
  4. Resolve to learn to mend tears, sew on buttons, iron, and get out stains.
  5. Adopt a cat to help you sort out the laundry basket.

A Stay-at-Home Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Argue with kids over whether or not cookies in the lunchbox are a major food group.
  2. Start saving for future chiropractor visits for kids carrying their weight in books to school.
  3. Stay up late at night comparison shopping organic vs. non-organic after-school snacks.
  4. Wonder if the house is just too quite or the kids’ music really did finally damage your eardrums.
  5. Adopt a pet to keep you company in that suddenly too-empty house.

The Non-Parent’s Back to School To-Do List

  1. Avoid all stores that sell notebooks, backpacks and binders.
  2. Or pens.
  3. Remember to drive 25 mph in school zones again.
  4. Accept you won’t see your friends with school-age children until Thanksgiving.
  5. Adopt a cat who can purr louder than the kids at the neighborhood school can scream at recess.

Fall To-Do List for Football Fans

  1. Invest in stock in all major junk food companies.
  2. Replace batteries in remote control devices.
  3. Start buying lottery tickets to afford the $69,999 price tag on a 105-inch curved-screen TV.
  4. Move refrigerator into TV room.
  5. Adopt a pet, because they’ll never ask you to yell more quietly when your team scores.

Fall To-Do List for Fantasy Football Fans

  1. Ask next door neighbor’s 10 year old son to write program to analyze football stats.
  2. Find way to get around sports website blocker spouse installed on home computer.
  3. Hide scouting reports inside copy of that book you’ve been meaning to read all summer.
  4. Adopt a pet, because they’ll never judge you for a terrible fantasy football league draft decision.