November 29, 2016
Categories: Adoption, Announcements

People are seven times more likely to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group if they know someone who has. Here’s how you can be that someone!

Thursday, December 1, 2016, is the Seventh Annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, an event started by our funded Shelter Pet Project to get the friends and families of people who have adopted pets to adopt, too. Originally designated “Shelter Pets Take Over Facebook Day,” it’s now grown to include all social platforms and involve hundreds of thousands of pets and their happy adopters.

Being part of this event is easy: Just share your adopted pets’ photos and stories on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms and blogs on December 1st. Tag them with #CelebrateShelterPets, and, optionally, tag the Shelter Pet Project (@shelterpets on Twitter, @shelterpetproject on Instagram) as well. Let your “on the fence” friends and family know how much you love your adopted pets, how much they’ve added to your life, and how easy it is for them to have the same joy.

Other ways to get involved include:

  • Visit The Shelter Pet Project #StartAStory page, and create a shareable graphic featuring your adopted pet
  • Promote the event in advance so other adopters can use their voices to help shelter and rescue pets, too
  • Visit The Shelter Pet Project’s Facebook page and share your pets’ stories there as well as on your own social media
  • Share our custom graphics to spread the word. These are resized for display only; here’s how to save them to your computer or mobile device:
    1. Click on the image to display at full size
    2. On a computer, right click then “save as” to save to your hard drive
    3. On a mobile device, just tap and hold the image, then save


For Facebook and Instagram:





For Twitter:





Please join us, and let’s make this the brightest holiday season homeless pets have ever known!