If you want to help animals but don’t have the time to physically volunteer at your local shelter or rescue organization, what can you do? Look no further than your resume!

There are plenty of ways you can help just by utilizing your natural talents. Whether you’re a tech-savvy social media maven, an introverted writer, or someone who loves to socialize and meet new people, you can put your skills to work for the animals. And we can guarantee they’ll thank you for it!

Below are just a few “non-traditional” skills that can help save animals’ lives in your community.

  • Writing. Are you a good writer? Can you tell a story? Put your skills to work writing pet bios that help tell their story and get prospective adopters to want to meet them. You can also help write press releases, blog posts, copy for their website, and whatever else you can think of.
  • Photography or videography. Love snapping photos? A good photo of a pet can be key to getting them adopted. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take a good photo (but if you do, even better!). Short videos are also becoming more and more popular in showing off animals’ personalities. Or are you good at photo and video editing? Let your local organization know!
  • Computer skills. There are many ways to put your computer or technology skills to work for the animals. Helping your local shelter or rescue group with their website is one of the easiest ways. What other ways can you think of?
  • Social media. If you spend a good portion of your time on social media, why not put your skills to good use and help manage a local shelter or rescue group’s page? Build a following and help connect animals with potential adopters. If nothing else, you could commit to sharing a pet or two a week on your own social accounts.
  • Event planning. Do you have a knack for organizing and planning events? Help plan a fundraiser event. Talk to your local organizations about events that may be coming up, or any ideas you might have!
  • Sales. Do you enjoy talking to people and finding solutions to their problems? Adoption events are a great place to help talk to people and help answer questions to match them up with a great pet. You could also use your sales skills to help solicit donations from corporate funders.

Along with skills, your place of work in general can be an easy way to spread the word. If you work in an office or school, how about sharing a pet on the kitchen bulletin board each week? If you work from home, fostering can be an excellent option!

Now break out your resume and contact your local shelter or rescue organization today with how you can help.

What else would you add to our list?

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