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What can you do to help project a more positive image of your shelter without spending a fortune? “Plenty!” said Denise Deisler and Makena Yarbrough in  “A Fresh Image: Increasing Adoptions and Community Support by Revamping Your Shelter” at the Best Friends 2016 Conference.

“It’s not about money and resources, it’s about being creative with what you have,” said Deisler. “When the Jacksonville Humane Society burnt down in 2007, that didn’t stop us from achieving a 94 percent save rate and projecting a positive image toward the community.”

Deisler and Yarbrough share a few simple but effective changes that can do wonders for the image of your shelter:

  • Curb appeal: Don’t underestimate the power of a good coat of paint and attention to landscaping. It can change the entire look of the shelter and allow potential adopters to see it as a happy place. The before and after photos in their presentation prove this!
  • Your logo: Make sure your logo is easy to read, easy to replicate on various formats, and evokes a positive emotion. Try to avoid using a font like scripts that are difficult to read and be careful with colors that are abrasive, like the combination of red and black together.
  • Signage: “Signs are a poor substitute for interacting one-on-one with someone who took the time to come down to your shelter,” said Deisler. Take a look at the signs you have up now. Are they positive? Do they make a potential adopter feel welcome? If not, remove them. She also advises to avoid clutter as too many signs are confusing for people. If you must have signs, have them few and far between, and be sure they are positive.

Get more tips and see some powerful before and after photos by watching the full presentation here. Then, spruce up your own shelter and save more lives in 2017!