February 2, 2017
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media, Adoption

What can reduce a pet’s length of stay in your shelter or rescue from 43 days to 14 days? A great adoption photo.

Maddie’s Fund® has just launched Maddie Talks, a series of short (less than 10 minutes) motivational “Ted Talk” like videos created by animal welfare professionals and meant to provide inspiration and equip our industry with information and knowledge to further lifesaving.

“Maddie’s Fund representatives have met amazing people working in animal welfare,” said Maddie’s Fund Assistant Director of Education Lynne Fridley. “These dedicated advocates have some incredible programs and services that are saving many animal lives. We want to help you share these innovative ideas with other animal shelters and rescue organizations, and hope you’ll be inspired to spread these powerful programs.”

In the first of the Maddie Talks, Tim Yeaglin, award-winning photographer and Director of Operations at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter, Inc., said, “Great adoption photographs instantly grab a potential adopter’s attention and can speak directly to their heart. As an animal welfare advocate, you owe it to the animals to represent them at their best and reduce their stay at your facility.”

The power of a great photo can’t be understated; one photo can lead directly to an adoption. But that great power doesn’t mean great difficulty. “Taking a great adoption photograph and giving your homeless pets a voice isn’t difficult or time-consuming and doesn’t need expensive gear,” Yeaglin said in his eight-minute Maddie Talk. “Even the most inexperienced person with a smartphone can make an adoption photo sing!”

You can hear his simple and actionable tips on how to take compelling photographs in Photos of Shelter Pets are Their Voices – Make Them Sing! 

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