March 29, 2017
Categories: Animal Behavior

How do you approach your shy foster dog for the first time? And how can you prepare your family for when you bring the dog home? Knowing how to handle these situations can go a long way toward setting your foster dog up for success — and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in our new Flash Class, “Bringing Your Shy Foster Dog Home” by Dogs Out Loud.

In the 11-minute video you’ll learn:

  • Exercises and tips for introducing yourself and encouraging interactions for the first time, especially if the dog is in a kennel
  • How and where to create a special place for her at your home
  • Coaching for your family and preparing them for the arrival
  • The importance of giving your dog space
  • Preparing your car and tips for that first ride home
  • Introducing the dog to your home

“We are so excited to bring you this video because we know that sometimes the idea of bringing home a shy dog can be intimidating and may be a barrier to that dog going into a much needed foster home,” said Dawn Morehouse of Dogs Out Loud. “Staying tuned into your foster dog, lending emotional support as needed and allowing him to go at his own pace will go a long way towards helping your shy dog blossom.”

The best part? These tips are applicable if you just adopted a shy dog, too! Watch the short video here.

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