Here’s something large nonprofits know: Nothing takes just one day, especially a one-day giving event. That’s as true for animal shelters and rescue groups as it is for the March of Dimes.

In fact, the one-day event — whether it’s a fundraiser held in your community, a walkathon, or a cause-related day like Giving Tuesday, is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Just because the work going on beneath the surface is invisible doesn’t mean it’s not essential.

For example, your fundraiser will be far more successful if you promote it to your current supporters starting days or weeks ahead of time. New givers can be created by using the ramp-up period to inform them of the great work your organization is doing for animals through media outreach and strategic social media advertising.

The weeks after the event are critical as well. Donors are far more likely to give again if they hear from you with a gracious and personal “thank you,” and then are kept in the loop on what you did with their donations in the weeks after the fundraiser.

If all that seems overwhelming, Nonprofit Tech for Good and OnGood are offering a free webinar on March 14 at 6 PM Eastern Time that can help. Organizers say that attendees will learn:

  • How to create and launch a 5-week cause awareness and giving day campaign
  • How to successfully follow-up with donors and supporters in the days after the campaign
  • The importance of having a landing page or microsite for your campaign
  • The role of social media graphics and infographics in your campaign
  • How to build a team of ambassadors and influencers to help promote your campaign

Get more details and sign up here — and be aware it will not be archived; you’ll need to attend the live presentation.