April 12, 2017
Categories: Announcements, MaddieCam Network, Grants

Do you have innovative, lifesaving programs at your animal organization? Do you collaborate with others and share ideas in the name of lifesaving? A MaddieCam might be a great tool for you!

It’s no secret that innovation, collaboration and transparency are three things we encourage here at Maddie’s Fund®, which is why we came up with the idea of the MaddieCam Network a little over a year ago.

The premise of the live-streaming camera was to use technology to showcase the amazing programs and work of some of the top shelter and rescue organizations across the country. The guidelines were minimal. We told organizations to place the camera wherever they wanted for as often as they wanted.

Some groups, like Humane Society Silicon Valley, chose a specific animal’s room and streamed 24/7, while Austin Pets Alive! put it in a foster home while a breathless audience waited for a pregnant mama dog to give birth to her puppies. Others, including Fearless Kitty Rescue and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, created specific programming like “Yoga with Cats” and “Dogs on Desks,” which people watched each week. Oregon Humane Society showcased their surgery suite to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the medical side of sheltering.

With innovation in mind, we decided it’s time to adjust, grow and showcase more projects in different ways. We know many of you out there are doing fantastic, innovative work, and we want you to have the chance to shine on your own MaddieCam!

So here’s the question: How would you use it?

Maybe you have hard-to-place dogs who don’t do well at adoption events but would benefit greatly from people being able to see them play with other dogs. Or maybe you have a fantastic volunteer or foster program that other organizations could learn from. Or maybe you could use the camera to help fundraise for a certain event or animal. Or maybe you simply want to give your community a more transparent look at the great work you’re doing, and show them how they can get involved.

The possibilities are endless. So we’ll ask you again, what would you do with your own MaddieCam? Tell us!

We’re currently accepting proposals to add more organizations to the network. Simply complete this form with your ideas and submit. All proposals must be submitted by May 12, 2017. If you’re chosen to join the MaddieCam Network, we’ll contact you in June.

As a bonus for those going to the HSUS Animal Care Expo in May, bring a screenshot or hard copy of your completed proposal to the Maddie’s Fund Booth #515 for a special opportunity to “Spin and Win” for grants and other exciting prizes!

Still haven’t registered for HSUS Animal Care Expo in May? Here is a registration discount code to help you get there: MADEX2017 – thanks to Maddie!