April 19, 2017
Categories: Animal Behavior, Foster Programs

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect home for little Scruffy who’s been in your program for ages. It was love at first sight and you can just feel it’s going to be a success. But a few days after Scruffy gets home, his adopter is concerned about some odd behavior. Scruffy’s adopter feels lost and unsure of what to do and wonders if they made the right decision… what should they do? Dr. Sheila D’Arpino, Director of Research at Maddie’s Fund®, introduces a new, innovative tool to help animals succeed in their journey beyond the shelter.

These types of situations happen all of the time. Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone the adopter or foster caregiver could talk to? Or a way your organization could help? Even the most experienced caregivers can have questions after bringing a new pet into their home. There’s an app for that! It’s called Maddie’s® Pet Assistant.

Maddie’s® Pet Assistant is an app developed for mobile phones and tablets that allows your organization to communicate with and provide support to these caregivers. It’s another tool in your toolbox to help animals succeed in their journey beyond the shelter. Learn how to help adopted pets stay in their new homes and foster pets settle into their temporary homes. This is the ultimate goal, right?

It’s really user friendly, too! Foster caregivers and adopters can easily submit questions, photos or videos, track vaccinations, take pet care surveys and more. The surveys collect valuable information about a pet’s health and behavior – data that can guide your organization’s programs! And, most importantly, if an adopter or foster caregiver reports a concern in a survey, they receive an immediate email response, crafted by shelter medicine veterinarians and behaviorists, to provide tips and assistance right when they need it.

As a bonus, your organization automatically collects a wealth of testimonials, pet biographies, adorable photos and videos to help market eligible foster pets and share the successes of happily adopted pets. Pretty much a win-win in our eyes!

Interested in learning more? Send us an inquiry email at mpa@maddiesfund.org and check out our webpage.

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For those of you attending HSUS Animal Care Expo in May, be sure to stop by our booth to see the app in person and to learn more! Here’s a discount code for the conference registration, #ThanksToMaddie.