May 12, 2017
Categories: Video, Animal Behavior

Sometimes a golf cart is just a golf cart. And sometimes it’s a terrified dog’s ticket to ride.

When Daphne came to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, she was scared of everything. She was frightened of people, and wanted to hide all the time. But one day, her caregiver, John Sibley, encouraged her to jump up next to him in the seat of the golf cart he was using… and the transformation began.

Daphne loved her magical golf cart rides so much that she would do things that formerly had scared her, like walk on a leash, if it meant a ride was involved. She’d even let John lift her up and put her in the cart, which used to fill her with fear.

She became social with people, and even went on outings and sleepovers.

How’s that for a #FeelGoodFriday story?

See Daphne’s amazing journey in the video below, and have a wonderful weekend!