July 19, 2017
Categories: Animal Behavior
Grey cat and books

Did you know there are scent glands on cat paws? And, that when they scratch, they leave pheromones? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Cat owner and lover Toni Alexander had no idea until she decided to learn how to speak cat with our free online Feline Communications course while passing the time on a road trip.

“I really enjoyed the course! It helped me to understand the many ways to listen to your kitty!” she said. “I currently have one cat, Finn, who I adopted from a rescue group about 6 months ago. He lived on the streets and was a little tattered when we got him, blind in one eye, fleas, mites, cough, a heart murmur and Bartonella.”

It’s been 15 years between Alexander’s last cat and Finn, and she feels strongly that the course helped her connect with and understand him better. “This course is easy to understand – it has  great videos showing the different areas of language and samples of that particular language in action. It helped me to better understand my new, very vocal, outgoing, social kitty.”

The course even debunked a few behaviors she thought she knew the meaning of, like bunting and biting. “I found the scent section of the course very educational. I always thought that rubbing their heads ‘bunting’ on you was just affection, so learning they are also leaving their scent to mark their territory was eye opening! And learning that biting is not always an aggressive behavior and that there are multiple reasons a kitty bites put my mind at ease, and helped me to understand when I pet him too long.”

The course is self-paced, so you can take as long or as little time as you’d like to complete it. Alexander started the course a month back, but never completed it until her road trip. “I really liked that I could pick up the course right where I left off, or start all over as many times as I wanted.”

Alexander said the course also served as a good reminder that cats are complex and there are many different factors to absorb in order to determine your cat needs and wants, or what he or she is saying. “I loved that the course covered so many different ways to be aware and alert to cat language. Anyone thinking about adding a kitty to their family or anyone who might not understand all the things their kitty does could surely benefit from this course.”

The best part? “I love my kitty even more after learning and understanding all the wonderful ways he talks and communicates with me!”

Ready to take your bond with cats to the next level? Learn how to speak cat for yourself with our free, online course: Feline Communications: How to Speak Cat!