March 9, 2018
Categories: Video, Marketing, PR, and Social Media
Roman and Ru

This little boy is definitely every homeless dog’s best friend!

Roman loves dogs and wants them to find homes. He wants that so much he makes adoption videos for them, showcasing their amazing qualities and explaining why adopting one of them would make your life better.

In fact, we’re pretty sure if you just do what he says that the entire planet will be a better and happier place.

If meeting Roman and his pals doesn’t make this the best #FeelGoodFriday ever, we give up. Seriously.

Watch below, and have a wonderful weekend! (And if anyone’s setting up a foster team, you should look into recruiting this kid.)

Jennifer McConn is Roman’s mom (she runs a rescue transport organization herself), and her Facebook page showcases all his videos and more, like this amazing one: