March 23, 2018
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media, Video
Malachai applies contour

YouTube has become the land of the beauty guru, with channels boasting from hundreds to many millions of followers earnestly explaining how best to highlight and contour the face, conceal flaws, and create the perfect brow look. But they all may as well shut down and give up, because Malachi the rescue pit bull has them all shook.

Malachi launched his first makeup tutorial in December of last year, with a look specifically for blue to grey fur tones, “perfect for daytime, the dog park, or just a quick walk around the block.”

He followed it up in January with a tutorial for golden fur tones, featuring his adopted sister, Nola. Malachi even went on to tackle one of YouTube’s hottest challenges: re-creating another YouTuber’s makeup tutorial.

No actual makeup is used, unless you count his signature lip gloss — which gave rise to his trending hashtag, #malachisbottomlip. And the transformation is, we’re sure you’ll agree, amazing. In fact, it’s so amazing we think almost everyone will want to rush right out and adopt their own dog to start doing makeup tutorials with on YouTube.

Hint, hint.

Happy #FeelGoodFriday, and have a great weekend!