March 20, 2018
Categories: Foster Programs
dog kiss

Have you considered fostering a dog, but have children and wonder if that’s a good fit? You can easily set your family up for success! Just follow a few simple guidelines and educate your children on how to properly interact with your new foster dog. These guidelines can found in our four-minute Flash Class, Keeping Interactions between Foster Dogs and Children Safe.

This brief video will provide you with helpful tips your children can follow to help ensure a positive experience, such as no grabbing or cornering the dog. It will also show how to introduce your foster dog to your children, stress signals via body language, how children should walk with the dog and much more! For example, did you know that having your children hand-feed your foster dog is a great way to develop a more trusting relationship? Or that a foster dog’s lip-licking can be a sign of stress?

“Foster dogs and children are a wonderful partnership, if you take the time to prepare and learn,” explains Joe Gerics, foster and adopter at Rebound Hounds. “Slow intros, consistent monitoring and above all teaching both dog and child to respect each other’s space will help prevent problems, and pave the way for a healthy relationship.”

Watch this Flash Class today, and be sure to browse the rest of our Flash Classes, created specifically to help make your fostering experience a success!