April 13, 2018
Categories: Video
Kittens cure stress

Job stress. Deadline stress. Relationship stress. Family stress. Commute stress. Health stress.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Now, we’ve either thoroughly demoralized you or possibly just described your life perfectly.

Or both.

Either way, it doesn’t matter, because this video will totally fix you. In fact, we think it could possibly fix the world.

A group of passers-by were given the chance to experience a “guided medication” stress relief session in a big glass cube in the middle of a crowded city street.

The session had a secret ingredient, though: Kittens, nature’s perfect stress reliever.

We probably don’t need to tell you what happened next. And why should you, when we can show you?

Happy #FeelGoodFriday!

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