May 29, 2018
Categories: Foster Programs
Black cat and laptop

Maddie’s Fund® has created a free app that will help unleash your foster caregivers’ super powers by boosting their confidence and increasing their pet care knowledge!

It’s incredibly rewarding to provide a foster home for a pet in need. But every dog or cat will have their own little quirks, needs and preferences, and foster caregivers will definitely have questions, especially those important first-timers.

We are excited to share this brand new video with you that highlights how simple and beneficial it is for your foster caregivers to use MPA. By encouraging your foster caretakers to use MPA, you will be providing invaluable support to your volunteers, while saving your staff precious time! We encourage you to share this video at your next foster orientation and also share with current foster caregivers.

Here’s one way it can help your foster program run more smoothly: Check-in emails and medical advice are necessary, and MPA provides both! This frees you up to focus on more complex cases without feeling like you are abandoning your foster caregivers.

MPA provides medical guidance for routine issues and behavioral tips, while also helping to keep track of vaccinations. It has fun features including empowering your foster caregivers to provide photos of their temporary pets and write their biographies. All of these features lead to happier pets and caregivers — and faster adoptions!

Learn more about what Maddie’s® Pet Assistant can do for your shelter or rescue organization here.

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