June 12, 2018
Categories: Foster Programs
Rocco and his Dogventure pal!

If you wish your shelter or rescue organization had more young people involved as volunteers, fosters, and supporters, then it’s time to let the dogs out… on a day trip, that is!

Barbara Hutcherson recently told us about a happy and unexpected benefit of the day trip and short-term fostering program at the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Arlington, VA.

“There has been a really positive unintended consequence of our short term fostering program, Dogventures,” she said. “It attracts young people! I haven’t tracked any data, but have anecdotally seen a much higher proportion of younger people participating in Dogventures than in traditional fostering.

“This is great because I have long noodled over how to attract younger people to keep us energized!”

For younger people, adoption or even long-term fostering may not be possible, due to housing issues, work and school schedules, and other factors common to people just starting out in life. But a daytrip or weekend? Totally doable!

Growing your pool of foster caregivers and volunteers isn’t the only benefit of working with younger fosters and volunteers, said Hutcherson. “These folks are all over social media, and know how to take and pose for photos as well as they know how to walk,” she pointed out. “Plus, they can keep up with a dog like Rocco!”

Who’s Rocco, you ask? Check him out below, and see why this program makes everyone happy, whatever their age!


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