June 1, 2018
Categories: Video
Cassidy's first steps on his own after getting his tiny wheelchair

Tiny Cassidy was found at nine weeks old in the forest, with only two legs. He was starving and sick.

His story could have ended badly, but it didn’t, thanks to rescuers at Canada’s Tiny Kittens Society and veterinarians at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. They nursed him to health, and then they decided to reach out for assitance to see if they could help this little bi-pawed kitten get around.

They contacted¬†HandicappedPetsCanada.com, who made him the tiniest wheelchair they’d ever created so, to quote Tiny Kittens, “Cassidy wouldn’t have to wait to feel the wind in his glorious floof.”

We just love to see Cassidy go… and his soundtrack’s pretty awesome, too!

Have the best possible weekend, everyone!

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