July 27, 2018
Categories: Foster Programs, Video
One of Cole and Marmalade's foster kittens

There’s no question that fostering orphaned kittens is a good deed. But in addition to the warm feeling of a job well done, there’s one more reward you’ll get if you bring some of these little fur balls into your home for a while.

You’ll get to be with kittens.

That’s what Internet-famous adopted kitties Cole and Marmalade discovered when they fostered three little kittens who came into their local shelter without a mother.

And while the black and ginger celebricats normally get the spotlight all to themselves, in this case, they had a little competition.

So sit back, relax, watch the video, have a wonderful #FeelGoodFriday — and then head down to the local shelter and see about fostering some kittens!

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