July 20, 2018
Categories: Video
Sgt Karl Bailey

When Sgt. Karl Bailey of the Seagoville, TX, police department was asked to take over the city’s animal shelter, he balked at first. He’d been a police officer for 22 years; what did he know about animal sheltering? Nothing, that’s what.

But he finally agreed to do it under two conditions: It had to become a no-kill shelter, and the city needed to build a new facility for the animals.

Conditions agreed to, he sat down at his computer and Googled “how to run a no-kill animal shelter.”

Sgt. Bailey’s self-taught course was so effective that his entire community began flooding in the doors to volunteer, and he began being asked to speak in other communities about how they, too, could become no-kill. All of which proves that when you have a heart for the animals, trust in your community, and access to Google, you can do anything.

Job well done, Sgt. Bailey! And to everyone, have a happy #FeelGoodFriday!