August 24, 2018
Categories: Video
Neuroscientist and kitten

Maybe you’re looking for an ally in your quest to get more people to foster kittens. Or maybe you want to foster or adopt a kitten of your own, but you need some reassurance that it’s a solid decision. Don’t worry; neuroscience has you covered!

In this ultimate #FeelGoodFriday video, neuroscience Ph.D. candidate Shannon Odell uses some of her foster kitten friends to explain just what these little fluff balls do to your brain chemistry — and spoiler alert: It’s all good.

Very, very good.

It turns out our puny human brains can’t tell the difference between a kitten and a human baby, setting loose a flood of hormones that make us feel good and love the little snugglers. According to your brain, a kitten is an adorable tiny little ball of joy.

It’s basically science justifying everything you ever wanted a reason to surrender to. We love it. You will too.

Watch, then have a great weekend! After this, you won’t be able to avoid it!