August 31, 2018
Categories: Video
Neuroscientist and puppies

Yes, we heard you. Loud and clear! After we explained the whole “neuroscience and kittens” thing as a powerful motivator for kitten fostering and adoption, we got the message that you want to know the same thing about puppies.

Of course, we’d never fill your #FeelGoodFriday with gratuitous cuteness, so please believe us when we tell you that this is all in the interest of science and promoting animal welfare. We swear it!

Just like with the kittens last week, Ph.D. candidate Shannon Odell takes a deep dive into the effect of warm, wiggly puppies on the human brain. She explains why we tend to use baby talk with them — and why that’s actually a good idea.

She actually shows brain scans! It’s science, we tell you. Science!

Okay, it’s also unbearably cute. So here’s your brain on puppies. You’re welcome, and have a great weekend!