August 6, 2018
Categories: #MaddieMonday
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We have an important reminder in today’s #MaddieMonday: It’s the last day to apply for an Innovation Grant this cycle! Get your ideas in before the day ends, then read on for anything else you may have missed.

How Maddie’s Pet Assistant can help with return prevention
What if you could support your pet adopters and help prevent returns without having to put in a lot of extra effort or spend any money? Maddie’s Pet Assistant (MPA), a tool that helps you provide support to adopters and foster caregivers, might be exactly what you need.  Learn more

Can something in the air treat fights between cats in the same family?
What if you could sprinkle magic fairy dust to reduce fighting between cats in a family? That would certainly help keep cats in their homes, and encourage people to adopt multiple cats, so we wish we could tell you magic anti-cat fight fairy dust was a thing. Here’s what we can tell you. Learn more

The Innovation Grant Window closes today! 
Maddie’s Fund is offering up to $5,000 to implement a new program that will advance lifesaving at your shelter or rescue organization. We are looking for applications that propose to implement a new program or expand an existing program to increase lifesaving at your organization. This grant opportunity is not designed to cover general operating costs or capital campaigns. Learn more

There’s still time to register for our next webcast, Join the #GetEmHomeChallenge, on August 16 at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT!
Is there a better feeling in the world than one of your shelter’s long-stay animals finding a home? How about the feeling of receiving a grant? What if you could do both? You can, and in this free Maddie’s Fund® webcast, you’ll find out how! Register today

Looking to build your skills with practical experience? Consider one of our Externships or Internships!
Externships take place over a short period of time with the opportunity to work side by side in your chosen field,  while internships provide real world work experience with on-the-job training. Apply today!

Want to increase lifesaving?
Stay connected through Maddie’s® Pet Forum, use Maddie’s® Pet Assistant app to increase foster care success and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s® University!

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