August 30, 2018
Categories: Adoption, Foster Programs
mixed breed puppy

Tatiana Ware adopted Nigel, a 3-month-old puppy, from Valley Humane in Pleasanton, CA, during an adoption event. While Ware had lived with a dog before, she never had her own dog, let alone a puppy, so the potty training process was new for her. It was smooth sailing until Nigel decided to poop behind the couch.

Fortunately, Maddie’s® Pet Assistant was there for this new adopter, and with some guidance from the app, she was able to curb the behavior.

Maddie’s® Pet Assistant is a free mobile app to help foster caregivers or adopters with enhanced support for questions or challenges, while providing valuable insights to your organization. Ware says the information she got from the app was helpful and calming.

“It’s nice to know there is someone there to answer your questions,” she said. “Sometimes when you adopt an animal, you’re on your own.”

Now that her puppy is a little older, she keeps logging in so she can keep track of Nigel’s vaccines and find answers to new questions.

So if you’re on the fence about involving your adopters and fosters with Maddie’s Pet Assistant, jump off! The app is a vital tool to help your pets settle into their homes.

As Ware said, “Anything you can do to help the adopter be confident and do it well, I say do it!”

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