August 2, 2018
Categories: Pet Retention
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What if you could support your pet adopters and help prevent returns without having to put in a lot of extra effort or spend any money?

Maddie’s Pet Assistant (MPA), a tool that helps you provide support to adopters and foster caregivers, might be exactly what you need. What’s more, it comes at no cost to you!

Using MPA, you can send automated surveys to adopters and foster caregivers to check in on their pets. If they report any issues, they quickly get solutions crafted by shelter medicine veterinarians and behaviorists.

Catherine Buscher, the human education manager of the Humane Society for Greater Savannah (HSGS), began using the app after learning about it at last year’s Animal Care Expo.

Now, HSGS uses the tool to give the extra support they have wanted to provide, but without draining their resources.

Buscher said the app has helped greatly with preventing pets from being returned. “We’re able to catch certain issues before the animal comes back. When a survey is returned with a concerning behavior or medical issue, MPA notes that survey with a red flag,” she said. “Adopters tend to be more forthcoming on the app versus face-to-face, so the surveys have been a great tool in providing solutions that have kept pets in their homes.”

One dog, Susie-Q, had been adopted and returned multiple times from Humane Society for Greater Savannah. By using information they collected from MPA, the shelter was able to help the family that adopted Susie-Q get the tools they needed to help her with separation anxiety.

Now, in addition to giving adopters behavior tips, adoption counselors also talk about MPA and it is included in their adoption packet.

With ten-percent of their adopters using MPA, Buscher is hopeful that the number will only increase!

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