November 27, 2018
Categories: Organizational Management, Animal Behavior, Adoption

Ever wish there was a place you could go to share your dog or cat wisdom with others? Or maybe you have an issue at your shelter or rescue organization and you’d like advice from someone who has been there before?

Maddie’s® Pet Forum is an excellent resource for organizations looking for encouragement and guidance.

In case you haven’t joined yet, or just missed them, we’ve highlighted a few forum threads below:

Enrichment: If you’re in need of enrichment ideas for your cats or dogs, this thread has some great ideas. Or if you have some wisdom of your own, please share.

Senior pets: Need tips on helping your seniors get adopted? Check out what has worked for others and share your own.

Adoption applications: If you’re looking to revamp your adoption application, or would like to share your own, this thread has some great ideas.

Cat scratchers: Keep your cats happy with these economical cat scratchers. Whether you prefer D-I-Y or store-bought, there is something for everyone.

Crate training: Whether you’re an expert at crate-training or doing it for the first time, this question has a very thorough response.

Read this short-n-sweet interview with the Director of Operations at HeARTs Speak, Caitlin Quinn.

And finally, if you have a per capita animal control contract you can share, or experience with inventory best practices, please head on over to the Forum and help these two out!