November 9, 2018
Categories: Feel Good Friday
Lionel and sibling

Lionel was a very young kitten when he was found in a bush on a rainy day. Barb, a volunteer of Allen County SPCA, took Lionel in as a foster.

At one point, he stopped eating and began to decline. Barb knew that Lionel would do much better if he had some siblings around. She asked around and she was able to take in two more kittens, who at two weeks, were around the same age as Lionel.

They snuggled each other almost immediately. Lionel loves to wrap his paws around his new siblings, Maggie and Jackson. The trio is one happy little family, getting stronger each day and it’s exactly what Lionel needed.

Watch Lionel and his siblings snuggle in the video below. And be sure to keep up with the trio on Instagram. (There is a rotating cast of foster kittens!)

Have a great weekend!