November 20, 2018
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girl with dog

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the Fourth Annual #PetFriday! We can hardly wait; can you?

For those who might not know, #PetFriday is what we renamed Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving. We took a page out of REI’s #OptOutside campaign, and instead of heading out into the chaos of shopping malls and crowds, we vowed to spend quality time with our pets and the ones who warmed our hearts.

The best part? We asked you all to join us, and you continue to do so, year after year!

As a reminder, there are no wrong ways to celebrate. Just spend time with your pet! Whether you decide to stay inside and watch Netflix, read a book or head out on a hike – or all of the above – take a picture and post it on social media using #PetFriday. We’ll be reposting and retweeting all day!

Let’s show the world the joy our furry friends provide. You can even take it a step further and encourage those who might not have one to consider fostering or even adopting! After all, who wants to miss out on this kind of fun?