January 25, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday
Kitten on cat condo

After learning that many kittens do not fare well in a shelter, Keely Thomas asked her mom if they could foster. Her mom said no.

But Thomas was not deterred. She had a plan.

Using stuffed cats, she filmed educational videos about caring for kittens. After seeing how dedicated her daughter was, her mom decided that she could start fostering. She’s very diligent about caring for the kittens, feeding them before she has breakfast herself.

Thomas views fostering as a win-win. It’s a great experience for her and she saves lives at the same time. She’s also managed to not get too attached, and views fostering as “kind of like babysitting them until they’re old enough to be on their own.”

Watch the cute video by the Dodo to learn more. Have a great weekend!