February 7, 2019
Categories: Research
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Learning about shelter and rescue organizations’ programs can help us save more lives everywhere, so we’re looking to collect information on programs across the United States in this short survey. By completing it, you could win one of ten $500 grants!

The survey will ask you about your organization’s policies and structure related to foster care, but you don’t need to have a foster program in order to complete it. Whether or not your organization has a program, we’d love your feedback!

We’re looking for only ONE respondent per organization. The person most familiar with your organization’s policies and structure, such as your organization’s director or manager, should complete this 5 – 10 minute survey. If this is not you, please forward this message on to them.

Thank you so much for your help! Please forward this message to colleagues at other organizations to help us gather more survey responses.

The survey will close on February 28th.