March 29, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday
pugs and kitten

Hamilton Pug is back at it again. The rescue pug is sharing the story of his foster kitten, Oasis.

Oasis was a scared and hissy kitten when Hamilton and Rufus (with the help of their humans) fostered her last summer. After a little bit of patience and supervised introductions, Oasis was smitten with Ham. (Rufus is indifferent towards kittens).

Hamilton isn’t one for playing, but he loves to nap and hang out in the kitchen. So, Oasis worked around Hamilton’s interests. The two of them became buddies, often catching some shut-eye on the sofa.

Oasis found her forever home a few weeks later. Wonder if she still thinks about her foster brothers?

We hope this charming video will encourage your community to give fostering a try! Have a great weekend.