March 5, 2019
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Think customer service is just for restaurants and retail shops? Not so, and you’ll find out why in the latest batch of Maddie’s Fund® conference recordings.

You’re sure to come away with great ideas on how to improve customer service after viewing Crazy Awesome Customer Service for Animal People. Sue Cosby, Director of Lifesaving Programs & Partnerships, Petco Foundation, knows a thing or two about providing adopters and others with a positive experience, which only translate to more lifesaving. Her energetic presentation will inspire you.

She stressed the importance of giving great customer service to everyone. She relays the thought provoking story of a friend who is a millionaire and tried to adopt a senior dog, but was turned down because the shelter thought he worked too much and worked too far away from the home. He ended up adopting two dogs from another organization, and flies them back and forth on a chartered jet. Had the first organization talked to the gentleman more, he would have been able to tell them that the dog would have been cared for, but they immediately said no.

After you’ve enhanced customer service, Leadership – The Who, How, What and When will help you fine-tune your leadership skills. Susanne Kogut, President and Executive Director, Petco Foundation will provide guidance on how to stay focused on your goals.

“Do your best to stop focusing on the crap. It doesn’t solve anything,” says Kogut. It will steer you away from your goal. She continues, “You cannot change what other people do. You can only change how you respond to it.”

These and six other videos were recorded at Saving Nevada’s Pets conference, a daylong event presented by Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada. Increase lifesaving by watching a video now.

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