Have you ever wanted to sign up for Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program but missed the deadline? Or don’t feel like you can skip town for several days? Or want to attend a program immediately?

Now, you can attend an apprenticeship remotely and at your own pace over at Maddie’s® University. And, it’s free.

We have four courses that we think just about any organization or individual can benefit from.

Building a Working Cat Program
Working cat programs are inexpensive to run, easy to start, and save cats that would otherwise have no live outcomes. This three-class online apprenticeship will give you all the tools you need to start or build your working cat program. The course is authored by Monica Frenden, Maddie’s® Director of Feline Lifesaving at Austin Pets Alive!.

Enhancing Your Dog Foster Program with Short-term Foster and Field Trips
Learn how to create and run lifesaving programs that require a shorter commitment than is typically asked of foster caregivers. These classes replicate as closely as possible the onsite Maddie’s® Field Trip and Sleepover Foster Apprenticeship.

Growing Your Adult Dog Foster Program
Increase the capacity of your existing program through effective communication and marketing, improved logistics and use of volunteers. The course is especially focused on fostering and finding homes for dogs who are harder to place. This course replicates as closely as possible the onsite Maddie’s® Medium and Large Dog Foster Apprenticeship.

Keeping Pets in Homes
Keep pets in their homes and out of your shelter or rescue by focusing on underutilized aspects of pet retention. The course is authored by Matt Wildman, Vice President of Community Engagement for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.

Enroll at Maddie’s® University today!