June 11, 2019
Categories: Foster Programs

Have you been thinking of starting your own pet foster program and not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re wondering how to expand the one you currently have? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our new Foster Care Resources page!  

We recently gathered some of the best foster program resources to help your organization. Now you can save more lives by recruiting caregivers, as well as increase the efficiency of your current program.

“We know of so many great foster programs out there currently, so why should anyone have to remake the wheel?” asks Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist for Maddie’s Fund®. “These tools give you the framework you need to start or expand your program, as well as vital materials like foster manuals, applications and agreements from other organizations that you can take and use as your own.”   

With Foster Program Basics, you’ll find everything you wanted to know about starting a foster program, to a beginner’s course on Maddie’s® University to the seven guiding principles of foster care programs. Expanding a foster care program includes a step-by-step outline of expanding and refining your current program. Additional Types of Foster Programs includes the ins and outs of running a field trip and sleepover program, as well as zeroing in on adult dog fostering.   

“This is only the beginning,” says Duer. “As programs evolve and grow, so do the tools. We will only be adding more resources to this page as time goes on.” 

Check out the foster care resources page to begin saving more lives!