June 7, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday
kitten with head tilt

Sometimes all it takes is one special pet to change someone’s mind.

Elu had always been more a dog person. His wife Danielle had foster cats and kittens in every room in the house, which Elu said he was unsure of at first in this video from The Dodo.

But then a young kitten, named Foster, came to Danielle after his mom stopped feeding him and all of his siblings died. Foster was quite weak, but it appears he had a mission.

Now, Foster and Elu are inseparable. They rough house together, Foster falls asleep in his Elu’s hoodie and he greets his foster dad when he comes home from work.

Soon, Foster will be adopted and while they’ll be sad, they’ll take on another one. Watch the sweet video below and have a great weekend!