June 14, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday

In honor of our 25th anniversary and National Pet Foster Month, we wanted to re-share the story of Honeybee. She went from depressed in the shelter to a playful and happy pup in foster care. This story originally ran on October 27, 2017. 

When a sweet senior dog named Honeybee came into a Los Angeles shelter, she was in a bad way. She had pancreatitis and hip problems. She was depressed. She wouldn’t eat or drink, not even when the veterinary staff tried to hand-feed her. Oh, Honeybee!

The sad dog didn’t know it, but as soon as she was transferred to Best Friends Animal Society’s Mission Hills Pet Adoption Center, things started to look up. First, they got her health needs taken care of.

And then they did the single thing that they knew could turn Honeybee’s life around: they put her into foster care.

When foster mom Linda Huse came to get Honeybee and put her in the car, the dog’s sad little face lit up. Maybe she knew she was going somewhere great. Maybe she loved car rides.

Whatever it was, it only got better when she was at Linda’s house. Not only did her physical condition improve, but she turned into the happy, playful, amazing dog she was meant to be.

See her incredible transformation and happy ending in the video below, and have a wonderful Feel Good Friday!