June 10, 2019
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What your animal welfare organization should know about cat cafes and pop-ups
Kitten season has only just begun, so what’s a shelter or rescue organization to do?   Well, you could try a cat pop-up or cat café! We attended the session Commerce for kitties: Using for-profit approaches to help more cats at HSUS Animal Care Expo in April, and we learned a lot of great stuff!  Pop-ups are temporary retail… Learn More

Just say no to the ‘conventional wisdom’: Sherri Franklin’s Aha! journey saving senior dogs
Mayor London Breed just proclaimed June 6th as Adopt a Senior Pet Day in San Francisco, CA. In honor of this special day, we’re sharing this interview by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s own Sherri Franklin. This post was originally shared on August 9, 2016. Of course, the wisdom still applies today. We hope that senior… Learn More

Will we see you at the Best Friends National Conference in Dallas this July?
We have a lot of fantastic stuff planned at this year’s Best Friends National Conference in Dallas, TX. Learn More

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Front Street Shelter is hiring!
The Sacramento shelter is looking for a Shelter Operations Manager. Get the details

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